What are you supplementing?

Recently I was asked by a coach to look into a product called Body By Vi. I compared it to another company geared towards weight loss, Isagenix. Below are some facts that I discovered, I was quite surprised.


Visalus Total Weight loss Kit: – $249 with 60 meals (each meal is 90 cal)
-12 g Soy Protein Isolate
– Natural and Artificial Flavors
– Cardia Care has 75 mg of caffeine per serving
– Contains Gluten and Soy
–  Allergen warning
Isagenix 30 day Fat Burning and cleansing system: $269 with 68 meals (each meal is 240 cal)
– 24g undenatured/Low heat Whey
– No caffeine in the entire system, No Artificial Stimulants
– Contains Lactase for Lactose Intolerant individuals
– No allergen Warning
– Caseine Free
– Gluten Free
– Soy Free
– Barley Free
– Wheat Free
– No Artificial Flavors – Flavored with Stevia and Fructose, black strap mollasses on the energy drink.

Statistics can be verified at http://www.isagenix.com/us/en/isaleanshake_new.dhtml (unfortunately you have to copy and paste the Isagenix link) and http://visalus.com/products/transformation-kit 

Prior to my research I too was skeptical that corporations developing weight loss packs were different and considered the consumers best interest.  As you can see Isagenix is much more nutritionally sound and implementable for the average american. Isagenix is engineered organically without additives and has no allergens and has 24 g of whey protein with an additional 5 g of fat (which will increase satiety and act as an actual meal replacement). Visalus on the other hand has 12 g of soy protein and only 1 g of fat. I believe the choice is clear, Isagenix is a way better supplemental system. I fully support Isagenix even though WordPress apparently doesn’t!