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I created this blog to help inform and to create controversy.  Not controversy that some of you may be thinking, but to positively challenge peoples views and defend them.  I believe that this helps you realize who you are and what you believe. If you can fully explain your training philosophy’s and support it through thick and thin, then and only then, do you have a philosophy and not just nuts and bolts. It is my quest to reach as many fitness professionals with knowledge to give and have their knowledge shared amongst each other to help better everyone that reads this blog.  It was during this thought that I realized, wouldn’t it be great if people could listen to other theories? To develop a blog that is as unbiased as possible? Brilliant! With that in mind I have scheduled several very interesting and successful individuals from multiple viewpoints! In time, I hope to have a guest author once or twice a month.  If any of you authors out there are interested please email me!


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