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Success or Failure?

As the flames subsided and the ash settled another year finished. The girls as a team met their goal, they finished second in conference and went into the conference tournament with a bye. I’m not going to tell you a fairy tale story, we didn’t win our conference tournament, we didn’t make a big push into nationals; we lost our first game of the conference tournament, the season is over.


Looking back on all the effort sweat and tears a coach can only question could I have done anything better to prepare these athletes, these warriors for the struggles they encountered this year? As a strength coach how is it that we even measure our success, is it wins and losses? Is it how much more weight you can squat, how much higher you can jump? At then end of the day I don’t think you can look at one determining factor and label the year and program a success or failure. It comes down to a lot more then the w’s and l’s, much more then the numbers you increase their broad jumps and back squats. Although these results should always be in your mind a play a large role in your programming from year to year there are statistics that aren’t always measurable. I want to give the sports coach the opportunity to put the best group of athletes on the floor night after night. Training should involve suffering both mentally and physically not to be mean but to test commitment, desire and to help improve these  qualities life. It is these qualities that can be the difference between winners and losers in both athletics and life.


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