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The Truth About Crossfit

Crossfit IS a great cardiovascular workout, it is intense, it does have team components and a great atmosphere. That being said it involves unplanned workouts that the body can’t adapt to. While the Crossfit community thinks this is beneficial, it is actually isn’t. It can lead to minimal strength and power gains, I will admit something is better than nothing, but with no structure you are setting yourself up for failure. Performance programs are founded upon Periodization. There are a variety of ways to write a program, undulating, conjugate, contrast, etc. but a planned method, a system, must be used in order to successfully develop the traits of fitness such as strength, conditioning and power. Strength, conditioning and power are general qualities that life requires whether an individual is a retired soccer mom or an NFL running back.


Crossfit WILL get you injured. It involves very technical exercises with incredibly large amounts of volume.  It also targets a population that once was sedentary leading to decreased muscular function and mobility. These components are a sure way to set an individual up for failure and or worse injury. Exercises like snatches done repeatedly will fatigue stabilizing muscles such as the rotator cuff and core musculature, resulting in increased risk for damage and injury to occur. If an individual’s biomechanics are flawed due to a lack of mobility again the chance of injury increases. Disc injuries, shoulder injuries and a variety of other injuries are continuing to plague the Crossfit community. Some of these injuries can cost weeks, months and even longer to heal from, resulting in lost gym days and stagnant training or worse a detraining effect. These injuries can and should be prevented by proper Periodization. The truth is Crossfit is not safe nor effective and other methods should be implemented to safely and effectively train our populations whether it be a soccer mom, masters athlete or NFL professional, periodization must be used.


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